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Search Labs is a boutique digital marketing and SEO consultancy based in Melbourne that has worked with BIG KIDS – the enterprise heavyweights.

We collaborate with you to develop strategies that attract organic traffic and offer results that fit your goals and objectives. We observe the regulations, yet we don't always drive in the left lane. Your Information-Autobahn is the internet. We don't wear a black hat, but neither is it as white as the driven snow.

Businesses in Melbourne like the digital marketing agency.

We are not, however, "just another" digital marketing and SEO firm - we have the social proof to back up our "game plan." We provide no assurances other than that your presence, internet visibility, and revenue will grow using our online marketing strategies. How often do you wonder, "Why did I pay for this website if no one can find me?"

This covers your campaign objectives, predicted outcomes for each marketing channel, and completion time estimate.

We are your company's digital representation. Our SEO specialists work with your team to become an important part of your organisation, a part of your information architecture, offering the same explosive online marketing skills that we rely on in the enterprise SEO arena. SEO isn't about getting quick results. But we are determined to make a difference and move the needle.

Our search engine optimisation firm believes in controlling our clients' voices, and we work hard every day to prove it.

To keep ahead of the curve, our search engine optimisation firm is always learning new tactics and remaining up to date.

Discover We take the time to understand your organization's needs, desires, and expectations as your search engine optimisation company.

Companies that deliver Sign in to Companies on the Shortlist Reviews of the Best SEO Companies and Services in 2021 Are you looking for a reliable search engine optimisation company to oversee your project?

Track your website's activities using Google Analytics, one of the world's most effective tools.

Google Analytics, keep track of what's going on on your website! Knowing what a potential consumer is doing on your site is SUMO level powerful. On the page, are they travelling south? Google Analytics allows you to measure site traffic, goals, advertising costs, and how well your Google ads perform in search engines. Get Google Analytics right now! It shows you if agencies are doing their jobs and helps you to conduct market research on your own website. \

Understand Your Objectives and Desired Outcomes Assume you scheduled a last-minute ticket from New York to meet with some business partners.

With all of our business partners, we strive for long-term connections.

Hire an online SEO company with at least 20 years of expertise. With our search engine optimisation agency, your company collaborates with one of the industry's most experienced companies and SEOs.

Your internet site. Google Search Console optimisation

If you're a webmaster, you understand the value of a high Google search engine rating. Google Search Console is a free web tool that is similar to Google Analytics in that it provides comparable types of information to assist you track your indexing progress and optimise your visibility in Google search results. Google Search Console informs you which phrases are relevant to you and which require a biohazard suit to remove! Use this free service to develop a successful plan! If you're looking for reliable information, here is the place to go.

Your tag management associate

Google understands how difficult it may be to manage website tags. That is why Google Tag Manager was established. With GTM, you can now have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your tags are being managed correctly. This all-in-one package is completely free to use and provides a slew of useful features. Begin by integrating a social networking platform and watch your traffic levels skyrocket. Use tag management to assist you deliver advertising to an Australian audience for brick and mortar retailers, and then use commerce SEO to sell your product — Use your marketing budget wisely. Keep track of your conversion rate and make your website the source of truth.

Unleash the full potential of your data studio.

As your internet SEO agency, we will provide the following services to your company: Customized plan based on your objectives Ongoing on-page, off-page, and technological SEO optimizations Analysis and monitoring of SEO audits Marketing automation software for dedicated account managers Reporting Transparency Tracking of phone calls produced by the site and much more Your organisation can also rely on our SEO firm for upfront, dependable pricing and measurable outcomes.

Our team will build a tailored plan that drives the results your organisation desires based on our experience across industries.

Our SEO specialists evaluate every facet of your business, website, and client base before developing a specific approach based on factual data that we know will produce the best results for you.

This allows them to create tailored strategies and plans for reaching your objectives.

Google Data Studio is both free and simple to use. It's designed for marketers, designers, analysts, and anybody else who needs an answer and wants to make smarter business decisions to improve the value of their visitor experience, make a winning SEO decision, or visualise their data. It depicts how your information architecture is put together visually. You can use Google Data Studio to create interactive dashboards and reports to help you make smarter business decisions. This information is required to plan a variety of successful SEO strategies and target the proper audience – locate the search phrases and increase organic traffic.

Our Organic Search Director (Everhardt Strauss). For the previous four years, he has boosted organic traffic and search engine rankings for an Australian enterprise company (with over 1 million active customers in Australia) by more than 100 percent year on year.

Search Labs distinguishes itself as an SEO agency (Search Engine Optimization Agency) that combines strategy, research, and industry best practises – (we try to spot the black hat in the room) – to allow you to approach any given optimisation opportunity tactically, putting your brand or product in front of your target market.

We can provide scientific evidence to back up our recommendations. If you live in Australia, we can meet up online for a conversation; if you live in Melbourne, perhaps we can meet for a coffee?

We attempt to provide a return on investment that fits within your budget. Search engines supply free traffic, and I am one of the SEO specialists who can help you acquire a bigger piece of that pie by converting more of that free traffic into quality visitors.


ECOMMERCE SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION SERVICES Investigate our SEO company's programmes and pricing. The number of keys has been reduced (Keyphrases with less than 1M results) Up to 100 characters Up to 150 people Up to 200 people Optimized Custom Pages Maximum of 20 Maximum of 30 As many as 40 Technical Website Analysis & Opportunity Report Customized Keyword research and selection on a custom basis Keyword mapping to target pages that is unique Title tags and meta descriptions that are unique to you Customization of the Robots.txt file Creating and submitting a custom XML sitemap Custom Earned Media Content Assets - Content, Linkbuilding, Consulting, or CRO Assets - Quarterly Earned Media Content Assets 4.5 Assets for Content, Outreach, UX, or CRO 9 assets for content, outreach, UX, or CRO 12 assets for content, outreach, UX, or CRO Custom Optimization of Google My Business (if needed) Audit of custom information architecture Analysis of Custom Canonicalization Initial external link analysis and disavow on a custom basis Audit of Custom Link Redirect Internal connecting reorganisation and optimisation on a custom basis Analysis of duplicate content on a custom basis Optimized Custom Header Tags

Improve your company's local SEO rankings by optimising Google My Business (GMB) and attracting high-intent customers. SEO for local businesses Finally, with the introduction of Google My Business, the concept of Local SEO arose, which is the goal of matching local queries by appearing in the map pack (3 top map listings). It all starts with effective Google My Business management and positive ratings, which might be more difficult to achieve than it is to say.

I have no notion who my rivals are. I'm not sure what keywords they're ranking for. Is it necessary for me to rank for those keywords? What is the state of my online visibility? What is the purpose of my website? Is it possible to assign a score to internet visibility? What is my information architecture's goal? How does it all work? This is a blank canvas. We prefer not to outsource your data. With efficient content marketing, we seek to give you ownership of your brand, site, and content, as well as to drive your visitors' search experience.


You are aware of who your competitors are, as well as the terms they use to attract attention. You also want that traffic – this is where Search Engine Optimisation and Information Architecture intersect – identify the relevant keywords that trigger ranking factors in your content, use those words as an effective seo strategy to get more qualified organic traffic – and spend your PPC budget wisely on those who have already been exposed to your brand.

Please Provide Me With a Quote! - It's a no-obligation quote.
What kind of SEO guidance do you require?
I really just want to talk about it instead of doing all of this formal stuff. I used to be number one for a keyword, but I lost it.
What is 'Correlation Based SEO' and how does it work?
I Need Assistance with Retargeting (paid ads) I need to build an email list, I need information about a competitor, and I simply need some basic SEO assistance. Choose the report type you want. What is the URL of your website - (if you have one) What's your given name?

Tell us more about your company. What are your goals and ambitions? What are your web issues?

What is the best way to reach you via email?

Increase your client retention rate by providing your consumers with a convenient shopping experience that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Are you dissatisfied with the results of your SEO efforts?

We went there and returned. Massive corporations rely on our expert staff and time-tested digital marketing tactics to help your company become more visible online, establishing sustainable growth by ensuring that increased traffic and site health results in more revenue. A single magic term directed at a single URL can attract a single qualified user and make all the difference. We assist you in locating the enchanted unicorn.

Do you want to improve your SEO ranking but don't know what to do or who to believe?

Boost organic traffic and conversions to help you establish and scale your business. It's time to schedule a strategy session with us. Learn how our correlation-driven SEO techniques and additional marketing services may help you achieve your company objectives. A detailed SEO report based on Google data is included as part of the package. Search Labs is an SEO business that values transparency and excellent reporting.

Let's make a SEARCH LABS SEO strategy.
Our all-inclusive approach to establishing a solid foundation for your Search Engine Optimization campaign.
Your strategy for organic, long-term growth.
What Exactly Is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the practise of improving organic / unpaid website traffic using search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and others. This does not include paid advertisements or direct traffic (following a link to the site). Getting backlinks from relevant websites, targeting keywords that would deplete a ppc budget, optimising the website and information architecture, content, speed, developing what you would expect from the best seo company or seo firm you can find, and other factors that contribute to higher rankings for keywords that your potential customers search for are all part of the process.

How can SEO assist me?

SEO is a tool in your and any SEO agency's toolbox; search engine optimisation is one method of increasing traffic. Google sees it as a cause to bring traffic to your website that is interested in learning more about your product or service.

What kinds of SEO services do we provide?

We provide the following services:

SEO is finished with you.

SEO Done For You

What else can SEO do for you?

Because SEO generates traffic, we can show you how to convert that traffic into useful information that can be used to improve other elements of your customer trip - our agency journey!

SEO Done For You
We embed someone within your team for this process; we work with you, at your office, or remotely, but we work as a member of your team.
We're 'on call.' We give reliable, transparent reporting that allows you to verify the accuracy of the data presented. If it's poor, we don't try to make it look good; instead, we figure out where the experience went wrong.
You're Done, SEO!

We walk you through the steps you need to do; it's not the quickest way, but you'll understand why we need to do it in the end! We provide you content briefs that will assist you in generating backlinks (people link to your content). We assist you in creating fantastic content that increases sales and does not rely on black hat foolishness - our recommendations are supported by correlation data.

Organic Income Paid

Turn your traffic into something valuable and meaningful - maximise your return on investment by knowing more about your Australian audience and use retargeting at the lowest possible cost.


We can instal and teach you how to utilise tools that link directly into Google - Google will tell you what people are looking for when they find you online (great SEO report) – remember, high organic bounce rates aren't always negative. Utilize them as indicators rather than measures.

Isn't it cheaper to market to someone who has already visited?

You can learn everything about who they are and what they desire by making excellent use of three free Google products. This allows you to create material that is relevant to them. We assist you in retrieving that information from the internet.

Our major game is to put up a way for you to understand more about your customer. Before they become a customer of yours.

Predicting who your visitor is based on the phrases they use and the items they seek. Can actually assist you in developing a service or product that is tailor-made for them.

Please Provide Me With a Quote! - It's a no-obligation quote.
What kind of SEO guidance do you require?
What kind of SEO guidance do you require?
I really just want to talk about it instead of doing all of this formal stuff. I used to be number one for a keyword, but I lost it.
What is 'Correlation Based SEO' and how does it work?
I Need Assistance with Retargeting (paid ads) I need to build an email list, I need information about a competitor, and I simply need some basic SEO assistance. Choose the report type you want. What is the URL of your website - (if you have one) What's your given name?

Tell us more about your company. What are your goals and ambitions? What are your web issues?

What is the best way to reach you via email?

Are you dissatisfied with the results of your SEO efforts in Australia?

We went there and returned. Now, large corporations rely on our knowledgeable personnel and time-tested digital marketing strategies. We can help your company become more visible online and achieve long-term success by guaranteeing that higher traffic results in increased revenue.

We can also assist with the implementation of some of the algorithms to optimise your Google Ad delivery.

Do you want to improve your SEO ranking but don't know what to do or who to believe?

We'll work with you to boost organic traffic and conversions so you can establish and scale your business. Now is the moment to schedule a strategy consultation with us to see how our correlation-driven SEO methods and supplementary marketing services may help you achieve your objectives.

We will uncover those organic search marketing opportunities that most agencies selectively ignore by focusing on SEO using Google Analytics and Google Search Console - this gives you a head start when you do feel like branching out into display advertising or marketing automation to reach more of your potential target audience and its customers.

You are far ahead of the game if you know what you require from us.

What are we gazing at in this bizarre COVID-19 landscape?

There are more people online, People are considerably more sceptical of the websites they visit - they are more conscious of a deceptive online marketing plan. We reverse engineer the sites that are currently satisfying the searchers' intent - we reverse engineer the tactics their agencies are employing – and we will provide credible advise on how you can beat them in 3 months or less.

Search Labs understand how to generate genuine traffic, genuine results, and genuine conversations.

This scenario — people are at home, they are spending a lot more time online, and generally, while search volumes are up, product demand is down. Native advertising is taking over, mostly because it attempts to fill holes in traditional advertising — it places more control in the hands of searchers – the goal is for you to be the essential solution to their problem.

How do you handle this? This brand-new manner of being.

That means you, and as a result, we may need to pivot and shift things up a little. Examine the past and contrast it with the present. We may need to consider a new approach to engaging informed and critical searchers, such as integrating audiences from organic and display advertising into base organic research.

Start appearing in Google searches for the topics that people are looking for; we can help your material be relevant to that; we can help you become an authority in your industry. To cut to the chase, we can help your site surface for more items more frequently. What information do your customers need to know about you during this pandemic? Can you aid them in any manner, despite the limits, and if so, how do we notify them?

We get it; as a small business owner, we understand that times are tough and budgets are limited, but that doesn't mean you should ignore SEO (Organic SEO).

Consider installing Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Data Studio — It is critical to understand where you are in order to identify where you want to go.

We are an SEO firm that places a strong emphasis on honest reporting and science-based correlated recommendations.

Treat it as though it were an e-commerce site.

Every page is a step in assisting a searcher in making a decision that leads to a conversion.

Examine the Data

Reverse engineer all of your competitors to determine what Google considers "relevant" - use this information to make your content stand out.

Improve that material.

Show Google exactly what you intend to do, and make it as simple as possible for them to promote you!

Tactics and strategy

Our goal is to look at the big picture and then step on those stones to get to the top of page one.

Improve those pages.

Correct any problems that are preventing the search engine from fairly stacking your page.

Consultation on SEO

Sometimes the hourly or daily charge becomes prohibitively expensive, and in these circumstances, we resort to consultation.

Send Us an Email

We would prefer to talk about your difficulties and see if we can help. Finding someone who cares enough to address the problems and listen to the logic behind the solution is half the battle. We'd like to believe you're busy, and as a result, we won't waste your time.


Experience You Can See from Marketing Professionals You Can Trust (though we don't ask you to simply trust us), Results You Can See!

We work with Enterprise and Large Market Clients in the Most Competitive Industries - they want a content marketing plan that works!

Work With Melbourne's Leading SEO Consultant When it comes to SEO, you don't want to leave your site's rating in the hands of inexperienced amateurs. In the long term, making this error will erode your trust and authority with Google.
Over the years, we've watched numerous businesses spend time, money, and resources on "cheap" so-called "SEO specialists," some from overseas and some from within the country.
Almost always, this ends up costing the ecommerce site owner even more time and money to rectify (also known as a "learn burn"). Don't allow that happen to you!

Contact us and we'll be pleased to talk about your goals and issues - we'd love to explain our digital market analytics approach and our sustainable growth tactics, how we conduct market research, and what you get with a quote.

We Provide Services

We blend in like a tailored suit; we are a digital marketing agency that wraps itself around your company and its true issues. We enjoy adapting our tactics and solutions to provide the greatest possible assistance and economic outcome for each customer. COVID has shifted the internet about for the time being, but we enjoy monitoring, learning, and allowing our clients to pivot as needed - we operate as a lever, allowing you to pivot where you want to pivot.


SEO on a national and international scale

We have worked as SEO consultants for some of the most competitive firms, serving customers and clients in some of the most competitive industries, and we continue to do so. Energy retail, education, legal, health care, the food sector, commercial items, dental, and other prominent niches are examples.

Audits of SEO and SEM

We do a thorough examination of your website. Both on-page and off-page performance are reviewed and compared to your competitors' digital marketing strategy. We score it in an easy-to-understand manner, giving us a target to aim for and a competitor to beat. Everyone who plays this game has the same goal in mind: to increase your customer base or, more importantly, to increase your bottom line.

Retargeting and Search Engine Marketing

We will create a tracking platform for your website with the goal of targeting those who have been to your business or are similar to those who have been there. We will instal the appropriate technologies and implement a retargeting strategy on social media platforms such as Facebook to assist you in splitting your budget and spending dollars on an audience that is more likely to convert into sales or customers.

Work with Melbourne's Leading Search Engine Optimisation Consultants

We work in the most competitive industries, and our clients – both enterprise and large market – want results! Search engines, like us, monitor customer behaviour.

We Understand That No Two Businesses Are The Same - Two Sites have completely different information architecture issues to handle!

Even if they are in the same vertical. We get our hands filthy and get down to business.

We have shared our expertise both on and off the Internet, training small businesses on search engine optimisation, selecting a PPC / display advertising budget, branding, and organic digital marketing in general. We discuss content marketing and how we can assist brick-and-mortar and e-commerce businesses in developing a long-term growth strategy.


What Is Our Procedure?

We offer a FREE CHAT - simply to test the waters, you may ask us questions, and if we can help, we listen and try to determine the digital marketing effort required, and we will let you know what we can do to help you climb up the ranks. If we achieve what programmers refer to as "Flow," we provide our support. We talk about:

What has been the impediment.

How do we get through, over, under, or around whatever is in our way?

When we need the greatest in the business, we go out and find them. We do not, however, outsource; instead, we will bring that skill in-house.

SEO is a complicated and dynamic marketing beast. It worries many because they just cannot devote the time and effort required to stay on top of everything; however, people see their revenue increase as they stick with it. WE CAN AND DO HELP YOU PLEASE THE SEARCH ENGINES IN ORDER TO GET A BETTER GOOGLE RATING.

What Is the Importance of SEO for Your E-Commerce Site/Store?

E-commerce is largely reliant on picture advertising (display advertising) – and it is much more successful and less expensive when those display ads are shown to a potential consumer who has expressed an interest in your "product or service." SEO serves as an access point for people to trade, as well as a trigger for that shopper to see your site and then your adverts. Your traffic may not improve, but your conversions will. SEO does not impose a 'per click' fee; granted, it is how you can calculate your return on investment, but you are not charged $x per click as you would in PPC.

We estimate that a potential customer need approximately seven digital touch points before converting across all digital marketing activities. Our approach enables for this while yet keeping you in command.

What Is the Price of SEO?

Everything is a trade of effort: cost vs. time, white hat vs. black hat vs. grey hat, budget vs. effort, data vs. assumption, insight vs. data, backlinks vs. content quality. Your revenue determines your budget; how much are you ready to commit, in terms of effort or cash?

It all relies on how much experience is required to decide how much effort is applied to the lever that ranks your present site for a certain query. It all relies on how relevant your site is right now in comparison to your competition. It is dependent on the history of your website and whether it is niched towards the present product or service.

The cost of services varies depending on the enquiry. Everything is a trade, and nothing is set in stone. However, we do not charge for traffic based on a per click metric.

Sometimes the goal phrase for a page is simple to rank for, but convincing you (the customer) that there are things that need to alter in order for conversions to occur is a mission in and of itself — in this case, it's a time versus effort transaction.

Sometimes the target term you want isn't the one that's relevant to your business or what the consumer wants. Sometimes the keywords used to drive foot traffic into a physical location are very different from the keywords you'd use for a boutique homewares ecommerce site selling beauty care or health products.

Market research paired with in-depth study on Australian search engine activity results in winning content marketing chances.

I won't offer you a precise price until I have a deeper understanding of you, your industry, your goals, and potentially even the backlink requirements, information architecture, and business objectives.

How can a Boutique SEO Agency assist a company like yours?
According to statistics, SEO traffic, also known as Organic Search Traffic, has the highest conversion rate of any traffic source seen in digital marketing.
This is a test; will using the term "black hat" in our text lead Google astray?


How Can I Tell You're the Best?

Search Labs is the greatest expert SEO (search engine optimisation ) agency in Melbourne Australia; company like yours deserve someone who goes above and above, eats, sleeps, and breathes SEO. I don't believe in some of the high-risk methods used by cheaper SEOs because I believe they serve only the Search Engine (and in reality, they don't even serve the search engine, they serve the agency until your payment clears, then they're off to Hobart, Sydney, or the Gold Coast), and the risky strategy usually only serves a single device type, such as the mobile device, despite the fact that the majority of people use mobile devices. – The search engine seeks to serve relevance, and relevance to humans, which is not a "fly by night" operation. The only reason these methods are utilised is to temporarily deceive the systems that are in place to "catch" these methods (wrap your tongue around that one) – they exist solely to "churn and burn" your site — I have nowhere to run, we will show you what we do, why we do it, and how we do it.

Your content will outrank any fly-by-night website in terms of time, volume, and relevancy to your clients.

SEO in Melbourne

We are located within walking distance of the CBD and do the majority of our work from there. We will work from the NAB Village in Docklands on occasion, as the recent COVID lockdowns demonstrated that office space is not something an organisation need. If a conference call is required, we will gladly participate. We have clients from all throughout the country, including one or two in Sydney, as well as those from outside. But we prefer it here, close to home, in and around Melbourne.

Is Search Labs involved in link building?

This is a contentious issue. Link 'building' in any form - where we request a link – is against Google's extremely rigors terms of service. So, no, we don't ask for links, and we don't buy links – but we do assist in the creation of content that is extremely "link worthy," and we also identify gaps in the internet where links are pointing, and we assist in the placement of content in those gaps. So, whichever you interpret it, we "assist in this space" — we cover the spaces where backlinks can be valuable to the searcher.

You Want To Begin Right Now

Our SEO services will assist you in increasing not just the amount of traffic and potential clients to your site – but also the total digital marketing revenue to your site. As your e-commerce SEO experts, we can tell you from experience that a normal site can generate up to 30% of new orders with search engine optimisation. Sites have traditionally spent a lot of money on paid adverts, comparison engines, and Google shopping. However, in today's world, particularly in the post-COVID-19 era, an increasing number of people are staying at home and surfing the web organically. This is where SEO really shines!

Engagements begin with a three-month arrangement.

Investing time and effort in enhancements such as site structure and user experience might result in improved landing pages that convert for SEO and PPC.